Today’s weak economy and the high cost of college have me advising my kids not to take out student loans. I’ve heard stories of young people burdened with massive college debt, unable to find work in their field of interest. I think that’s tragic. I remember entering adulthood with a load of college debt. It was the worst way to begin adult life! I had no freedom to travel or explore. I was immediately chained to a job I didn’t like so I could repay my debts. I’m thankful for my education; but it wasn’t worth the debt load, even when a person could reasonably expect it to open doors to a career. Today, student loans can financially cripple a person for life!

I do want my children to have a college education, though. I realize college isn’t imperative, and if they don’t go I’ll be fine with that. But I think their areas of interest will require them to specialize via higher education, so college looks likely.

Have you noticed all the young people getting their master’s degree these days? It seems a bachelor’s is no longer enough to position oneself for a career. College seems to be the new “high school”; they need a master’s to compete. And, of course, that costs more.

I learned about CollegePlus through Lee Binz’s website. CollegePlus was designed by and for homeschoolers. It’s a great option to get a jump start on higher education, at a great price.

Students enrolled in CollegePlus are paired with a mentor who helps them set their goals, consider their talents and purpose in life, and plan their academic direction. Parents remain closely involved. CollegePlus is a Christian-based program, and the mentoring includes a spiritual component.

Next, the student is coached on taking College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams – exams produced by the College Board that are recognized by over 2,900 colleges as proof of a student’s college level work. Through CLEP exams, students can gain college credit for much of the general ed requirements for an undergraduate degree. Research is important. If a student has a specific college in mind for later transfer, he will want to know that school accepts CLEP exams. CollegePlus assists the student with preparation, as well as researching colleges and planning.

A student can thus complete a lot of college during his or her last two years of high school. Students can next opt to transfer to Thomas Edison College, a regionally accredited school that has partnered with CollegePlus. Thomas Edison allows students to complete their bachelor’s degree via distance learning.

Having a bachelor’s from a regionally accredited school positions students to apply to the graduate school of their choice: A distance degree earned from a regionally accredited college is no different from a brick-and-mortar degree from a regionally accredited college.

The average cost of a CollegePlus assisted Bachelor’s degree is only around $15,000! 94 percent of CollegePlus students graduate from college with no student debt. I’m all for saving time and money, and I’m hoping all three of my children will take advantage of this great option! For more information, click here.



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