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Breakthrough Learning

Grades served: 3-12

Jennifer Hogan applies a multi-sensory approach to language arts. She is an educational therapist, helping students discover their own learning style. She teaches in Capitola.

Jennifer Hogan

Classical Conversations of Santa Cruz

I offer a series of classes through Classical Conversations in Scotts Valley.

We use a tutor-mentor to inspire, equip and train parents to work classically with their children each week using material provided by the Classical Conversations company. For students ages 4-12 we memorize facts related to math, English grammar, Latin, history, geography, and science.  We also memorize a 160 point timeline each year, and complete an art and science project each week.  Students practice public speaking each week as they learn various skills related to both presenting and listening.

I also have a comprehensive Language class that meets for two hours a week as we work on English grammar skills, writing using Institute for Excellence in Writing and play a short stint of math games. This class is for students ages 9-12.

Parents attend with their students as they aim to be able to present the material throughout the week, and learn to help their students discover how to learn anything.  With a classical Christian worldview, we put God at the center of all of our learning.  Families of all faiths are welcome to attend, however our tutors subscribe to a traditional Christian worldview.

If interested, please contact

Cynthia Coahran, Director

Covenant Family Tutorial

Grades Served: K-12

Covenant Family Tutorial is a private, Christian, weekly humanities tutorial that meets at First Baptist Church in Felton. All homeschooled students are welcome to apply. Classes are taught from a distinctively Christian perspective.

Leah Lutz

Discovery Learning Center

Grades served: Pre-K-8th

The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that provides learning resources to preschool, homeschool, and traditionally schooled families. The core of their mission is to provide a location and resources for pre-K through 8th grade family learning. They offer free classes run by homeschooling parents, fee-based classes led by experienced teachers, activity clubs, and free play in the yard and play structure. The lending library, available to members, contains curriculum, toys, games, and learning tools to support your homeschooling.

411 Roxas Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95062

Kindergarten at Home

Grades served: K

Robin Brooke is a mother of four children and former elementary school teacher. She offers weekly Kindergarten classes in her home.

Robin Brooke

Learn to Discover

Grades served: Ages 5-18

Learn to Discover is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches “STEAM” (science, technology, engineering, art and math).  We teach a variety of classes such as robotics, animation, programming, forensic science, Android app design, electronics, simple machines, aviation, marine biology, and much more.


One Stop School

Grades served: K-8

The One Stop School is a weekly collection of classes. Children are taught in four classes, in which adjoining grades are combined. The subjects vary by year, but usually include science, history and geography, language arts, and more. Location varies by year. This year’s classes (2012-2013) are at Felton Bible Church and begin September 10th. New this year (2012-2013), the One Stop also offers K-6th classes in Moss Landing.

K-1st:        Monique Freed 831-475-4325
2nd-3rd:  Theresa Herning Cook 831-566-9429
4th-5th:  Joan Baker 831-345-5406
6th-8th:  Veronica Olson 408-406-4017 or Rhonda Jensen 408-332-1063

Santa Cruz Learning Center

Grades served: K-12, emphasis on Middle and High school.

Santa Cruz Learning Center offers tutoring for children in grades K through 12. A small selection of lecture and lab courses is also offered for middle and high school students. Families benefit from personalized education consulting, standardized test preparation, and organizational help from owners Nate and Malika Bell.

Malika and Nate Bell
655 Capitola Road, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, CA  95062


Grades served: Ages 4 and up

Heddi Craft teaches enrichment classes in several subjects at the Discover Learning Center.

Heddi Craft
299 San Jose Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Mad Molecule Science

Grades served: Ages 5 and up?

The Mad Molecule Science Store offers birthday parties and science classes taught in a fun, engaging way. Located in Aptos.

831-688-ATOM (2866)

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