Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)


Click on listing name to access website. Not all listings have websites. Please contact me if you know of a resource that would benefit other homeschoolers!

Beach High School

Grades served: High school and beyond

Operated by Wes Beach, a visionary former public school teacher, Beach High School offers high school students freedom to find their own educational path. If you have a child with a very independent learning style, Beach High School may be for you. “Enroll” can simply mean you sign up your child and Wes helps him or her create a high school transcript by writing an essay describing his interests and experiences during the high school years. Support is also offered if a family desires to keep a child enrolled for longer.

Wes Beach
5520 Old San Jose Road, Soquel, CA  95073

Branson Academy

Grades served: K-12

Enrollment is open to students throughout the United States. Tuition covers record keeping, a 100+ page how-to resource, transcripts, advise, and more. Parents are free to design their child’s course of study, and as a satellite program, no parent-teacher meetings are required. Branson Academy is run by a veteran homeschool family.

P.O. Box 326
Aromas, CA  95004

Green Valley Christian Home School

Grades served: K-8

Green Valley Christian Home School is the private school satellite program of Green Valley Christian School.



Merit Academy

Grades served: K-12

Merit Academy is primarily a college-prep, private school with a strong emphasis on individualized instruction. Homeschool students can enroll and take classes on an as-needed basis. Instructors meet individually with the students at an agreed-upon location, which can be the student’s home. All courses are WASC-accredited. Teaching takes place twice a week, for 90 minutes per session.

2392 North Rodeo Gulch Road
Soquel, CA  95073



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